Russian Clothing

Russia is a huge country that has many differeny people. A lot of people want to buy russian clothing that has a authentic russian look and feel to it. That is very understandable because people want to be different and feel involved with Russia. This thing has become a subculture.

Eastern Europe is gigantic and the impact on the world these days is very big. It’s understandable that people want to give off a message that they want to be part of this culture. This Eastern Europe culture has become a new thing and people are looking for a Russian brand that has this Russian vibe to it.



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Russian streetwear

Today, Russia has  major impact on the world. That is why it is indispensable that Russian streetwear is created or that there is a need for brands that radiate Eastern European streetwear.
The streetwear combined with Eastern Europe and Russia. Comrades Moscow is the brand that goes with Russian streetwear.

Matryoshka clothing

A matryoshka or babushka is a hollow wooden doll that is part of a series of smaller and smaller dolls that fit together. The dolls can be opened by means of a seam in the “belly”. A matryoshka usually consists of seven or eight dolls.

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